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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Easy Ways to Care for Newborn Baby

The most important tips of children are to take care of their catering, cleaning, medical tests, and correct information about vaccines etc. Take care of important things.  We provides some tips and advice about new born baby.

  • Ideal Weight for Children

It is important for children to maintain an ideal weight, See below mention Children's weight according to length and age

  • Parenting Tips for Children

Learn about advice for parents on managing your child's behaviour and protect them.
  • Give Children the right direction
  • Kids Make Creative
  • Sleep with the children at night
  • Teach to follow discipline in everyday life
  • How to behave while teaching children
  • Admire their works
  • Never discriminate

  • Keep Such Children Safe at Home

Learn about how to keep your child safe by follow below tips and advice today.
  • Always be prepared for the Emergency
  • Do not leave the child alone with water
  • Keep away from chemicals, detergents, soaps, phenyl and medicines
  • Keep guns, pistols or any kind of firearms unloaded and locked
  • Do not keep anything on children's bed
  • Keep the child away from electrical equipment and electric wire board
  • Keep small items and food items away from children's reach
  • Protect the child from falling
  • Make the door-to-door as well as children
  • Put smoke alarms at home
  • Protect the children from home pets

  • What to Feed the Newborn in 6 to 12 Months
Care guide for newborn in 6 to 12 months and i am sharing Some Essential Food Tips for Nurturing Nutrition.
  • After the sixth month the nutrition of the baby should not be dependent on mother's milk only. For better nutrition, start giving solid foods to them - for example, cooked food.
  • After 9 months the child can feed cooked rice and yogurt
  • The baby should always break the boiled potatoes so that they do not swallow the whole, add little salt and lemon juice to the potato, it will taste.
  • Eggs can also be started after the age of one year.
  • From the twelfth month, the child can give dal, fruit and vegetable soup and light vegetables and fruits too.
  • The child should give a solid diet (cooked) well by math or masala at some interval

  • Know How to Bath your Newborn
Follow our simple guide to learn the basics or some new tips, how to Bath your Newborn baby.
  • Do not take care not to be cold or hot in the first six months of the child. Lukewarm water is better.
  • While bathing, close the child's ears with your hands properly so that there is no water in the ear.
  • Prepare the clothes, towels, diapers, mild cream soap, everything before bathing. Immediately after bathing, wrap the baby in a dry cloth and soon wipe the body and wear the cloth.
  • If you are having a baby for the first time then keep the elderly and experienced people in your house with you.
  • Use a soft cream soap or shampoo to shave the baby so that she does not cry when she gets soap water in the eye.

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